Caroline Gauthey

HR Director

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80 employees

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Consumer goods - Games / Toys / Publishing

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Production roles (manufacturing), support functions (finance, purchasing, etc.), sales representatives, marketers, designers, developers, editors.

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How can you support quality of work life on a long-term basis when a company is in hypergrowth?

Right from the start, Lunii has sought to play an active and responsive role in supporting well-being in the workplace by offering actionable steps for its internal teams. Lunii is constantly testing and improving its practices with long-term action now essential due to the company’s rapid and international growth.

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A solution needed to:

  • Take stock of the current level of well-being
  • Offer a range of topics relevant to each individual’s problems
  • Provide external support through psychologists who are ready to listen
  • Allow employees to take action at their own pace, independently and anonymously
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80% of employees have used the platform since its launch

35% of employees have made an appointment with a psychologist

Support is provided even outside working hours due to the addition of available appointment times for psychologists.

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