Chloé Eldin

HR Manager and Chief Happiness Officer

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40 employees

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Early childhood sector

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Office employees, managers, interns, ...

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How can you set up a quality of work life initiative at an early-stage startup? ?

The goal is to:

  • Set up actionable steps to promote quality of work life.
  • Have an objective and overall view of employee well-being.
  • Provide external psychological support.
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The solution should:

  • Be able to detect high risk cases but still protect employee confidentiality.
  • Help and support these same people regardless of whether they are at risk.
  • Be independent of management and ensure confidentiality as well as anonymity.
  • Allow you to reflect and work on yourself.
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62% of employees have used the platform since its launch.

Through detailed reports, it is easy to put into action steps to improve quality of work life.

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