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Human Resources Counsellor

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290 employees

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Insurance sector

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Jurists, Administrative staff, Executives, Office workers,...

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How to realize a Quality of Work Life diagnosis, while creating a meaningful project ?

It was also very important for Juridica to find a multidisciplinary and accessible solution in order to complete already existing Quality of Work Life actions.

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The considered solution had to:

  • Empower employees to improve their Quality of Work Life
  • Help to realize a Quality of Work Life diagnosis,
  • Offer an easy and direct interaction with psychologists
  • Convince the executive team that the solution would indeed be used by the employees
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A real advantage in order to support our employees in terms of psychosocial hazards and QWL issues.

An ideal adaptation of Moodwork during the health crisis due to Covid-19.

The launch went very well: 70% of the employees downloaded the application and took a well-being assessment during the 1st month.

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