Lack of engagement

Commitment is an issue at the heart of all companies. Often seen as a positive and valued behavior, engagement can, under certain circumstances, have negative consequences for the health of the employee. This is particularly the case when it turns into hyper-investment, leading to stress, work overload and presenteeism. Neglected by many, the cost of presenteeism is estimated at twice the cost of absenteeism. It would thus represent 13.7 to 24.9 billion euros (source: Midori Consulting, 2016), a non-productivity cost borne directly by the employer. 'Healthy' commitment is, however, an important factor for human resources.

To act on commitment and promote healthy employee involvement, the company today has various means at its disposal. For example, it can work on job content, on the company's long-term project, on remuneration, autonomy or training. However, in order to be certain that actions of this type are effective, employees must also be provided with tools that enable them to identify their needs, situations where they are comfortable, less comfortable or even at risk.

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