Optimize the individual support of your employees!

Your employees can analyze their level of well-being, act on it through personalized content and get support from our psychologists.

Your employees can analyze their level of well-being, take action thanks to personalized resources and receive support from our occupational psychologists.

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Your employees can use self-assessment tools to get a better understanding of their situation.

Well-being assessment

Your employees can learn about their level of well-being with a scientifically proven questionnaire. Detailed results encourage them to take appropriate actions adapted to their situation. This assessment is carried out quarterly so that employees can monitor their development.

Burnout assessment

If the situation requires it, your employees are invited to carry out a burnout assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to raise their awareness and prevent potential risk situations.

Would one of your employees need emergency assistance, they can either contact a specialist within your company or reach out for assistance from one of our psychologists at Moodwork.

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Your employees act on their well-being and that of their colleagues with personalized content which is adapted to their situation.

Advice sheets

Employees have access to detailed advice sheets providing daily exercises on various topics such as : self-confidence, managing emotions and good working posture. These documents are also available as audio files.

E-learning programmes

Your employees can go even further with e-learning activities on their online space. Combining video tutorials, role-playing exercises and self-reflection, they can take action to manage their stress, their way of communicating and even their sleep.

Online conferences

Every quarter, your employees have the opportunity to take part in online conferences. These 45-minute sessions are intended to raise awareness on various topics and provide an opportunity to interact with our Doctors of Psychology.

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Moodwork provides dedicated content for your managers to help them to implement your company's QWL approach within their teams.

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Throughout their experience with Moodwork, your employees can benefit from the support of our occupational psychologists and coaches.

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Moodwork professionals are available every day from 9am to 6pm and can quickly answer your employees' questions.

Appointment scheduling

Your employees can schedule telephone or video conference calls with Moodwork professionals and internal points of contact within your company (occupational doctors, HR managers, etc.).

Depending on your employees' profiles, different experts (management coaches, social workers, etc.) may be available by appointment.

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