Offer the best support for your employees' mental health

With the help of Moodwork's web and mobile platform, your employees can improve their mental health at work at their own pace. They can analyze their level of well-being, take action with the help of tailored recommendations, and receive support from mental health professionals.

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Understand your well-being

Through a scientifically validated questionnaire, your employees can regularly check-in on their level of well-being, understand what might be impacting it, and identify ways they can improve it.

Evaluate burnout

If the score obtained from the well-being self-assessment requires it, your employees will be invited to answer a few questions in a follow-up burnout assessment in order to detect or prevent any risks.

Learn from the experts

Every month, your employees can take advantage of new online talks hosted by QWL specialists. They will be able to attend these talks live or watch the recording at their own convenience.

Grow thanks to a wide variety of content

In order to improve their mental health at work on a daily basis, your employees can benefit from the advice found in more than 200 advice sheets and podcasts. Additionally, 10 e-learning programs are also available on their personal account!

You’ll find more than 50 subjects to discover or delve into: emotional management, stress, conflict resolution, self-confidence, psychosocial risks...

Support your employees, whatever their needs

Depending on your employee’s needs, our team of psychologists, coaches, or social workers are here to provide individual support adapted to their situation.

Our specialists are available Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 11pm (UTC+2) via live chat or by booking an appointment for a video or phone call.

Promote your company’s existing resources

We work hand-in-hand with you to make it easy for your employees to contact your internal specialists if need be.

In the event of a high-risk situation, your employees can access care by contacting one of your company’s point of contacts (occupational physician, employee representative, HR manager, etc.) or a Moodwork psychologist.

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Moodwork is an anonymous and confidential tool

All your activities and conversations on Moodwork remain strictly confidential. For more information, please see our Confidentiality Charter.

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