Our mission

Numerous scientific researches on the Quality of Work Life have led to a better understanding of the professional world. Moodwork was born out of the desire to put this understanding into practice in order to benefit employees. Researchers, entrepreneurs and company owners worked together to develop a methodology and tools to improve employees' daily lives. Since January 2018, Moodwork has supported more than 100,000 employees in France and Belgium.

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Well-being at work for all!

Moodwork is committed to ensuring that all employees feel good and fulfilled regardless of their job, their professional environment and their level of well-being.

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Humane and scientific expertise

Researchers and psychologists work together at Moodwork's research centre to improve the lives of all employees.

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A digital approach to help people

Moodwork innovates in becoming a part of employees' daily lives, thereby enabling everyone to work at their own pace as they take action to improve their own well-being.

Our actions

Mental health matters which is why Moodwork offers free tools for all.

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