Psychosocial Risk Prevention

Psychosocial Risks (PSR) can be difficult to identify when you do not share the daily life of your employees. Work overload, bad atmosphere, lack of recognition... are all factors that can lead to PSR. The result is high turnover, high absenteeism and growing demotivation, all of which are detrimental to your company. The cost of work-related ill-being is estimated at €12,600 per employee per year (source: Mozart Consulting, 2017). It is therefore necessary to act on the causes of PSR, both for the health of employees but also to avoid excessive repercussions on the company. However, while we often think about the organizational sources of PSR, it is also forgotten that the individual characteristics of employees can make them aware of work-related ill-being.

€10,100 of the €12,600 costs of work-related ill-being would be recoverable: 23% are related to absences (accidents at work, occupational diseases, absenteeism), 34% concern breaches of employment contract by the employer, and 42% are related to employee disengagement (resignations, breaches of contract, departures during the probationary period). An employee who feels good at work is 9 times more loyal, 6 times less absent, 55% more creative, 31% more productive and half as ill (source: study conducted by Harvard/MIT). Implementing a real approach to improve well-being that takes into account individual specificities is therefore a vector for occupational health and economic performance for your company.

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